Monday, January 25, 2010

Clear intentions!

Last night, I was walking my lovely dog Sandy….did I mention I have had a dog for almost three months now? She is a darling- well that’s another post by itself! Now back to last night, we just came out of my building and got onto a street that I like to take. A Land cruiser, Qatar’s official symbol, was going in a different direction, but turned abruptly and came right behind me…..I was already bit alert at this point…. I hear ‘Nice’ – I am a little suspicious if it was for Sandy or me, for it was not followed by 'Dog'! A young Qatari complete with the white robe was behind the wheel….here is the one minute interchange that followed between him and me:
Him: ‘Hi’
Me: ‘Hello‘
Him: ‘you life here in Qatar?’
Me: !!! ‘Yes, I ‘life’ in Qatar’
Him: ‘Where are you from?’
Me: Anyway to ignore him? ‘India’
Him: ‘You married?’
Me: !!! ‘Yes’
All I saw next was the wave of a hand and the dust that the vehicle left behind!