Monday, January 30, 2012

In the News- 30-01-2012

In the news today……….
Remember the Taliban office in Qatar holding talks with the US government? Here is some follow-up:
No matter what the outcome, I will always remember this as the time when the US negotiated with terrorists, in spite of their famous one liner “The US does not negotiate with terrorists”

On a different note, loved the new ad of The Hindu newspaper, hitting back at the Times of India with the catch phrase “Stay ahead of the Times”.
It is most definitely true that Times of India feeds its readers with a lot of crap and sensationalized news; finally the Hindu has stood up and made a great come back ad for it. From the point of view of ad film making in which I am involved to a certain extent, this ad is really good in making people think of what is more important- pulp fiction or actual current affairs.

Finally at least one article exploring few aspects of the baby deaths in West Bengal, India:
Of course this article does not explore completely the cause of the deaths, but at least talks about the social issue of child marriages prevalent in this region. So far all articles reported only justification from politicians saying it was not their fault, but the other party’s’. This also came from hospital inspection authorized team lead, much to the dismay of many Indians. An inspection team is sent to explore the conditions and report problems causing this widespread problem in the state, not to publicize your personal political preference/opinion.

Also loved some of these articles and the comments section of these articles in the ‘Opinions’ section of The Hindu, exploring policies of Norway’s Child Protection Services (CPS). The first article, written by, I assume a Norway national is an eye-opener: Registered & Protected

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taliban office in my locality!

Have you heard? The Taliban, who in my opinion and understanding are a terrorist organization, are opening an office in Qatar for talks with the US!
I didn't know that organization such as this could

  1. Open an office

  2. Open an office in another country

  3. Open an office to negotiate with another country's government!

Whatever happened to the famous US dialogue that they will never negotiate with terrorists? We have been tortured on any travel around the world in the name of security for the last decade or more due to this organization and today they are opening an office.

Icing on the cake- this office is going to be in Qatar where I happen to live! The safe feeling is priceless. Happy New Year everybody! Registered & Protected