Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer suggestions in animal care

Dear fellow bloggers and friends,

Just thought of penning down a few suggestions for all of us to do our bit in caring for animals in summer:
1) Do put out a bowl of water for stray dogs, cats and birds in the hot summer. Anytime I see a stray or birds have a drink, it warms my heart
2) If you do have a pet, it is our responsibility to make sure he/she is not too hot at home, or outside. Pets can die of a heat stroke if you leave them out in the heat, especially in really hot places like India or the Gulf countries!
3) Just a handful of grains, rice or bird feed will be enough to attract a huge number of beautiful birds in your backyard and feed them for a good part of the day! It can even be some old bread in the fridge that you no longer will use; before you throw it away in the trash, next time please consider giving it to the birds or strays around
4) Ditto for extra milk or other foods at home; if milk is past the expiry date, please don't drain it into the sink! Put it out in a bowl for the strays. Same applies to left over bones in your plate if you are a non-vegetarian!
5) If you have a shaded place where strays can rest during the hot summer afternoons, pls let them rest there.

Just a few suggestions...imagine if this is done in every house! All the animals will thank you for your consideration, especially in the scorching summer heat :)
You are welcome to add your suggestions to this list if I have missed out any. Registered & Protected

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Passive revenge on a community!

She was very happy as if she had finally had her long pending revenge. She had just heard the news from her mom that her father's cousin had passed away so young in his early 40s! For her it was the death of a predator. She had not confided in her mom at the young age of seven that this man groped her right in front of everyone, in the pretense of just being nice to a small girl. He always touched her chest, which had nothing developing yet, with extra pressure. Even at that tender age she had hated it and avoided going near him! Thankfully she had only seen him in her entire life a few times and now he was gone! Her joy knew no she would continue her prayers for the death of the hundreds of other men who had leered at her, grabbed her by surprise and especially for the guy who had gropped her chest constantly from behind, when she was a young girl of 11 years travelling by bus on a fateful night, with her entire family sleeping in seats near her!

P.S- my contribution for the Child Sexual abuse awareness month- April 2011 Registered & Protected