Monday, March 14, 2011

"Adhering" women to the rules of society!

Here is an article I was just reading in The Hindu:
The author is a former director of the CBI. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Many private corporations have a commendable system that protects women employees working late into the night. This is good as long as such employees do not flout company-laid arrangements. Some of them ignore basic rules of prudence, and unfortunately pay a heavy price for their callousness. In such instances, the employer is blamed for what is obviously a lapse on the part of the employee. Parental control which has otherwise become lax can prevail at least here, so that women professionals are made to adhere strictly to the facility extended to them at their workplace. Employers can hardly fill this role.

According to him, women should be made to 'adhere' to facilities and rules provided by the company and her parents! I totally understand him trying to advocate safe practices to the women, but isn't expecting women to 'adhere' to rules strange? It is an old man's language; sadly most people still think this way. I never heard him talking in the article about how parents can influence upbringing of their children and have their sons respect women from an early age. Men will be men; they need not watch their actions or adhere to any moral values! This is their stand!

IHM has posted a tag in her blog few days ago with this question:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is perversion. Is a woman forever stuck between her desires and the moral healthiness or progress of a society?
Society changes slower than a melting glacier in this day and age. A woman I think is forever stuck even between her rightful rights and the progress of a society; forget desires! Talks of morals by the society is just a way of telling women you have to be the mature, nurturing, sacrificing individual and the rest of the society only has the job of watching you with criticism! Registered & Protected

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Agriculture, environment and politics!

The Agriculture Minister of India has admitted to the use of banned pesticides!
He has said that they are considering the interest of the farming community! Are they the experts in the use of chemicals? Scientific community has approved the use of these chemicals too....would love to read their justifications on the same. The benefit of the doubt should be given to the harmful effects that these chemicals possess and their use banned; but here everything is the other way around. The article also goes on to say that the Kerala and Karnataka state governments have requested ban of the use of endosulfan, which has and is being approved by the Central government respectively. I wonder if they are the only people with brains. Can't say anything about the Tamil Nadu government- we all know how busy they are with money swindling, family seats negotiations and continuing overall corruption. They don't have time for all these policy issues or care for agriculture, the main line of Indian economy! Registered & Protected

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost cause!

Last week I tried to save a kitten and failed- my first failure to save a life after an attempt. The poor kitten was hit by a car and had severe bone related injuries. The vet said her leg would need to be amputated and she would still have severe complications. I myself had her euthanized immediately as I did not want her to suffer anymore! I often pride myself as a very strong person, but that day broke down and wept like a baby in front of stangers.....for a stray kitten I had known for a few minutes. I was so guilty the poor little soul had suffered such great pain for God knows how long on the side of the road. Where is the person who hit her? How can they sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror?

I am on antibiotics with little use of one of my fingers in my right hand as she bit me during my attempts to save her from the road. Her last mark in this world is now on my finger; fast healing! Registered & Protected