Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little Sandy! Registered & Protected

Almost a year ago, on Nov 5th, 2009, I brought home my beautiful adopted friend Sandy. I saw her that same week once before when I went to Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) to scout for a pet friend whom I would start off by fostering and see how things go. I always knew in my heart that there was no way I was going to give up any pet after fostering him/her for few months, but thats how I started as far as my family and friends were concerned :)

I was looking for a medium sized dog, female (as they were always the least wanted), bit quiet (as I was going to have to leave her home alone during the day when I was away at work) etc.,
I saw two dogs fitting this description, a white terrier type female and a brown beautiful mom, who actually looked like a deer-fox cross, with two adorable puppies! The puppies were already very much in demand, but of course the mom was not. The puppies were already at an age where they were a bother to her and needed to be weaned. My cousin and I walked the two adult dogs and I liked them both very much. My heart however went out to the mom who for sure needed special care and love for her to regain her health. I asked the vet about her past and was told that a Korean lady had dropped off her and the pups. Apparently she had been left in a closet(!!!) when the lady went to work and she let her mate with a Saluki for nice pups! I decided to take her home and start with 'fostering' her. I promised her that I will be back for her the following weekend when QAWS promised to keep her ready for me, after completing her vaccinations, general grooming etc., When I made this promise to her, I could see the dissappointment in her eyes that she was not going with me the same day...amazing isn't it?

I went back for her within the next two days to bring her home! The vet asked me if I wanted to keep her name (Caramel) or change it to something else. Since I did not want her to remember any of her traumatic past, I decided on the spot to change it. I wanted a simple name that also suited her. She was a beautiful brown colour throughout and I just called her 'Sandy'. She rewarded my thought with a quick tail wag and has accepted 'Sandy' as her name ever since!

The ride home was a bit confusing for both of us; she did not like the car and was confused; I was wondering if I was doing the right thing, as I was in Qatar (where dogs are not really appreciated), and a single woman working full time. However we made it home and Sandy was feeling a little out of place, outside. This was however not the case as soon as I entered the house...she jumped on the couch sat in what was going to be her usual curled-up position and looked at me as though to say "so this is where I live now, ok what next?" :)

She was an absolute delight from day one, slept peacefully through the night and made a great friend to have at home. I left her alone the very next day and went to work; I was a nervous wreck the whole day, wondering what she was upto at home. Sandy hated the dark, so I had lights, AC and the TV on for company for her the whole day. When I got back home, she was so happy to see me and the house was still the same as I left it....phew!

From then on we got in sync with each other and it has been one great year. She is a beautiful lady and even ppl who hate dogs in the building have come to adore her! Thank you my sweety for being such a delight in my life, for always being on my side, for waiting for me to get back home, for never bearing a grudge against me, and for your unconditional super doggy love. Happy happy birthday to you my love :)
From the friend you adopted!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to work emotions!

First day at work after a 5 week long vacation!
Early last week- feeling of foreboding!
Three days ago- start of depression!
Two days ago- prayers for any natural calamities!
Last day of vacation- researching ways to kill oneself!
Today- Sigh!!!
Now- Not so bad since there is only one hour left at work :) Registered & Protected