Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Wow! My last post was in April!!! So much for my resolution to blog at least few posts every month. What I have been up to is a lot though. For one I managed to create and produce a totally perfect baby girl in May this year :) This was followed by a measly seven weeks of maternity leave, plus eight weeks of annual leave. For anyone who thinks maternity leave as a 'vacation', I will have many choice words. I am tired of people who ask me how my vacation has been. My idea of a vacation is not having to push a full term baby out and then spending sleepless days and nights taking care. Breastfeeding woes will be a totally different post altogether! Initial days of euphoria, followed by bouts of depression later, things got back to normal. Well almost. Now that I had a little person to think of constantly, to worry about if she is hungry, wet, sleepy, or just bored, life was not as easy. But then things started falling in place, thanks to my adorable mom's help. Meanwhile I also got a full time maid and hence things were definitely looking better. Then mom left! Then the date I was planning to resume work arrived. Thanks to planning, planning and more planning, things were quite smooth. Now it is a month and a half since I started working and my angel is four months old! Been meaning to get back to blogging forever and finally did it today! This post is just to say hi, if at all I have any readers left. If you have been wondering thats where I have been. At least this is my excuse ;) Registered & Protected