Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A bus ride

Shanti struggled to move away from the gross middle aged man. But no matter how much she managed to inch away from him, he used every opportunity to push himself against her. It was extremely unpleasant and there was no more space to move in the bus which was filled with people hanging in all directions and holding on to anything possible. She had already given him bad looks and indicated her displeasure in several ways. This was by far her worst experience in all three years of college life travelling in public transport. Just then the bus halted to a stop and she felt a guy, a student from a neighboring university push the man away in an effort to get down himself. Just as she began to wonder if he intentionally created enough of a distance between her and the man, he whispered in her ear that she will not be disturbed anymore and got down. The gratitude she felt in her heart for his understanding cannot be put in words. To think she had always been suspicious of the young college students before! Registered & Protected