Monday, August 10, 2009

Award! For me!

Thanks very much Anu (as Iam not able to link for some reason, here is the link for this wonderful award :-)
I am not sure that I am very derserving of it, or if I can keep up the chain, coz I've been breaking my head for 7 other bloggers whom I can bother, and I am pretty sure they are all going to beat me up for this! Well, lets do this, whoever is reading this consider yourself tagged.....howz that? ;-)

Now 7 things about myself that might be interesting to others:

1) I am pretty full of contradictions......I am a cleanliness freak, but at times would let things sit, just coz I dont feel like it; I am a fitness freak too, but could not care less at you get the idea

2) I have too many modern ideologies and feel very trapped in our society at many points in life

3) I love to talk, but when I am angry & hurt I shut up; When I am fuming, I won't stop shouting and God save the target!

4) I am a very strict disciplinarian when it comes to kids; I am going to be such a parent for sure!

5) I love animals.....will do anything for them...hate watching movies using animals, or TV shows which are not fair to them; one day I hope to do my part in a big way for them in this world

6) I am not at all religious; but I believe in God. I wish people will drop religion and just trust in one God, with no name preferably.....saves everybody trouble!

7) I hate it when someone tells me what to do.....I take advice only when I ask for it (which I do) ....else please don't bother

Well there are seven trivia about me, which you may or may not have known.....thanks Anu, was fun :-)

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  1. Wowwww... there are a couple of things in this trivia that I didn't know about you... good Suni!!!! Keep the posts coming!!!!