Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Secretive India

Yesterday I was trying to find some scientists in the field of veterinary science from India. I wanted to invite them to be peer reviewers for the funding agency that I work for. So this is all for a good reason.....I am not stalking any of them! Really! But the Indian university websites continue to suck....we are in a modern world, where everything is online; all transactions are online, and public, but Indian universities continue to think it is a sin to give out names of faculty and their email IDs!
The quality of the websites is another disturbing issue- some of the best brains of the world belong to an Indian head, but why bother with our own websites? We will design websites for the entire world, but not our own! It is so sad really.

So, yesterday I accomplished nothing by trying to help Indian scientists earn some honoraria. I went to an American university site and had a list of 84 names and email IDs of professors in less than 10 minutes! A good percentage of them are also originally Indians. Sigh! When will we learn?

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