Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Meet Dexy :) She is a lovely dog rescued by us last week from a parking lot. She is beautiful, with a very sweet temperament . Our maid room has been yet again used to house another pet for the initial days of observation for infections, or any issues. Now she is inside the house and gets along ok with Sandy :) I am advertising for a permanent home & family in Doha to adopt her. Do drop a line if anyone is interested in providing a loving home for her. QAWS as usual is full and unable to take her in. Sadly they are not available to even pick up stray animals in need anymore. We had to take Dexy to the vet and make sure she was doing ok, got her all vaccinations and fostering her at the moment, which was all fine since she is a friendly dog. This might have been imposible had she been wounded badly or was not very friendly due to any bad experiences! Doha certainly needs more animal shelters and plenty of volunteers.

I am also afraid she might be pregnant! Will keep updating the blog to inform if we do have puppies soon at home :) Registered & Protected

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