Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What to write!

I wanted to write a post. I have been thinking of a nice post idea this whole week. The news is just bringing in more and more bad news. Girls being raped all over the place, with our politicians claiming stupid reasons and solutions. This just makes me sad and embarassed. Did not feel like blogging about it.

Women are still discriminated against all the time. Sad state of affairs and I had no interest in blogging about that in detail either. In fact I went home one day and looked at my daughter with tears in my eyes, since I produced one more 'girl'! She will have to bear all the physical pains that nature generously doles out for women, work twice as hard as a man would ever do, and still be always treated as a second class citizen! Will it be any better for her when she is an adult? For her sake I hope so, but I am not so positive about it based on history!

Will things ever change? I am not asking for equal opportunity. I do not believe I have to ask anybody for it! It is mine to take and use, but I wish 'men' would stop acting as if we are stealing what is only theirs! I wish they would stop acting as if they are children to be taken care of when it suits them, but behave as if they are the heads making all the decisions when it suits them too. Please understand that neither do you need to be taken care of nor do you get to act like bosses around women all the time.

Whom do we blame for this pathetic attitude? Society? But who in society? Parents who bring up sons and daughters differently? Who see daughters as a thing to 'protect' and as a 'burden'? Parents who do not teach their sons that women are human just like them, with the same rights and duties? Women with good careers, belonging to higher classes, don't kid yourselves by thinking you are above such discriminations. Look around and it is all around and affects the best of us. We are guilted into thinking and doing things that a man would never think of or worry about.

For example, my full time maid is from Sri Lanka. Her husband and son are both working there. She wants to send more money next month and I was enquiring why, since I knew she wanted to buy some gold for herself. She says it is Diwali and they will expect her to send money, so that they can buy new clothes and celebrate. I asked her why she has to send when they are both working and she says they wille expect her to, since she is earning abroad now. She is guilty she is earning more and living comfortably abroad! She is guilted into believing that she is more comfortable. She is also guilted into believing that she has left them abandoned, without anyone to 'take care' of the men of the house! You see how she loses in all angles? It does not matter that she had to leave the comfort of her house, move to a new country and live with strangers. She also works very hard here, but all that is unappreciated.

Well, this post just turned out to be a disgruntled rambling. What else can we do when faced with such issues, whcih we cannot change ourselves? It requires the whole community to change its views and it can only be accomplished when all women are disgruntled so and express it. So here is my disgruntled essay! My LG (Little girl henceforth), take heart. We women will keep trying to change the world for all little girls like you! Registered & Protected

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