Monday, November 19, 2012

My LG's first Diwali and first word!

My LG's first Diwali was this one on November 13th. The ever adoring grandma had sent her a pattu pavadai material. It arrived through my visiting cousin on Saturday November 10th! I took it and took the LG and ran (actually drove) to a tailor suggested by the said cousin's elder sis. The tailor looked at his subject and was instantly in a great mood. Apparently she was the youngest subject ever! He was so happy and delighted that he forgot to criticize me for dropping in with a material to be ready for Diwali in two days time! Benefits of having a cute little girl in hand :)

I leave a pic of the pavadai worn by the little subject for your viewing.

Btw LG also said her first word. She has said ammas during her cries, but never by itself just calling me. Once she said something that suspiciously sounded like appa and taken by her appa to have been just that.

But this word was clear. Loud and clear. It was "Bobby"!!! That is a wonder since we know no one called bobby! Oh well. It was her first word and we celebrate it thus. I am sure we will meet a bobby one day :) Registered & Protected

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