Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just came across an article about Kashmiri chief minister Omar Abdulla’s resignation over an alleged sex scandal, in Gulf Times, and caused me to reflect on the political scene in my own state- Tamil Nadu……what scandals have we not had?!!!
We have repeatedly elected either Dr. J. Jayalalitha or Dr. Karunanidhi and I am not a big fan of either one for obvious reasons. The current chief minister has many wives (and is not a Muslim to be allowed to do so by religion) and has you wondering why the law has done nothing about it! This has led to numerous children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren too (he has been independently responsible for increasing India’s population by a good percentage!)
Let’s talk about one in particular, shall we? Yes, we need a separate paragraph to deal with his son M.K. Stalin…….you name a child after Stalin what do you expect, huh? What kind of scandals has he not been involved with? Political to sex scandals, you name it and he would say “been there, done that”! I have heard of women who were kidnapped by him, women in the cine field disappearing suddenly and then quietly appearing again after weeks or months; real estate scandals due to which this family owns most of Chennai now; bribery scandals of which all are aware, but none dare to talk or dispute and what not. Is he deterred? Is his father deterred? Oh no, he just recently announced that he intends to make this prodigal son his successor and we are going to have more CMs from this same family! Who can’t be proud of our politics?
So, Omar Abdulla, take some lessons….. If you are indeed innocent and are really embarrassed and want your name to be cleared, I appreciate the sentiment. If this is just a political stance, you have learnt well from your geographically southern most contemporaries!

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