Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, obviously there is a long gap in my writing; if anyone lived with me they will know there has been a gap with everything! Been lazy…not cooked regularly…not been in my usual form in keeping up with friends…let me think, what can I blame it all on?

To give some benefit of doubt to myself, yes, I have had a lot on my mind….but maybe it is beyond all that. I read an article on Yahoo (?) recently and it called ‘Wedding’ as ‘one of the top five most stressful times in any person’s life” Hear hear! I totally concur! Not that I am even in the country where the wedding is to take place, not that I am running around on an everyday basis to get things organized, but oh my God, it is a bit much.
Murphy’s Law seems to be proving itself right every single minute of the day too, and here I am waiting for things to go wrong not only with respect to the main “event” but with respect to everything including appliances at home, health, and what not! The last two weeks, I have had problems with parts of my body and with everything in my house; to give you an example, one evening last week the water dispenser suddenly started leaking, just when I came for a drink after sweating it out in the gym (after a whole day at work) - I had just lifted the heavy bottle on top of it the previous evening and hence had to move the full container down again! The bathroom shower curtain decided to fall down as soon as I got into the shower and no matter what I did just refused to stand in its place again. I dropped my original plans, got into the guest bath and had a quick shower. I then considered a drive to cool me and of course I don’t mean that literally, coz it’s a boiling upper 50s degree Celsius outside at all times of the day!!! Then many more small things happened the same evening driving me very crazy…..but well, let’s move on. More recently, my DVD player is acting very strange, refusing to recognize DVDs that it bonded pretty well with in the past! Worse yet, it recognizes, starts playing, and then decides it is no longer interested in what I have decided to watch and stops! See what I mean? Drives me insane!

But on the other hand, I am slowly getting more excited about the upcoming event; booking tickets, counting number of people, food arrangements, and SHOPPING :-) No, I am not doing the actual shopping at this point but the planning and directing people is fun too…you get to do that sitting on your couch, in front of the laptop. Of course, sometimes my fiancé and I are the middlemen and it’s not so much fun when we start fighting with each other, and trust me it happens more often than anyone can imagine. Everyone gets very touchy at times, it’s like the world is having its PMS! Those are the days I rue, but have now come to anticipate. My patience level has gone up dramatically, or so I like to think ;-)

Certain good things are happening….my little bro is visiting me, and we expect to spend some quality time together and I get to be the host for the first time in this new country…everyone in Doha seems to be on vacation, which implies bosses missing at work, roads relatively empty, desperate sales at malls, trying to woo the people left in the city, etc!

Just a quick update on last few weeks…..turned out to be a rant for the most part! But hey, I am writing again and hope I become more disciplined and do it almost everyday (dare I hope?). Maybe one day I can make these pre-wedding rants as a collection and give it to my children, titled “Now you know why your mom is the way she is!”?!!!

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  1. Glad to note that Sandeep is visiting you. I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time together :-). Will talk to you soon da. Take care