Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day!

Happy Father’s day, to the best father in the whole world!

Just a few words about the man of few words………..

He has been and is a wonderful dad….kind, trusting, loving, generous, encouraging, devoted, and courageous. A man of principles, he led by example; our family’s role model! I hope we have caught on at least a small percentage of his qualities!

As a child, I loved being given baths by him, food tasted extra delicious when it came from his plate… never mattered that I already finished lunch/dinner, I would always be ready when he started eating, for few more mouthfuls from him :-)

Memories I have of him are more of the subtle kind; many many of his words have stuck with me and I like to think I always act by them. Hope he feels the same and is proud of whatever my brother and I do.

One incident very close to my heart- I had participated in my first college level elections and was a nervous wreck the whole week and more so the final days before results were announced. Finally after we had the results, I called home excitedly and told my father I had won! He, in his signature calm voice told me, “We always knew you would win da, only you were tensed. Come home soon, we have reserved tickets to go for a movie tonight, to celebrate”!!! Could I have asked for a better father with any more trust?

Thank you for being you appa, love you very very much. You are our pillar of strength!
Happy Father’s day!

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