Sunday, May 3, 2009

There it is......I can hear her voice again! Strange how it suddenly bellows into the whole room.....she is asking me if I ate today and if I went for my usual morning walk; did I have my favorite snack? What can I tell her? That I miss her very much? She visits me once every few years, loves me and spoils me thoroughly. She spends almost her entire time with me, except when she is out with her friends or out shopping. We go for walks regularly every morning to the beach and throughout the day she makes sure I am very comfortable and not fighting with my son! But after some weeks together, she always leaves with those big bags in the middle of the night. After that regularly, I suddenly hear her voice mysteriously booming into the room asking me if how I am, telling me that she misses me and asking if I miss her! All I can do in return is wave my tail in recognition and to say I miss her very very much too, look bewildered and wonder where she is talking to me from!

P.S. This post is dedicated to my pet pal Dipsy and his son Dashy :-) This is what I assume they think when I speak to them over the speaker phone, or when I am online with the family!


  1. A touching one da :-). Why don't you post some pics of Dipsy and Dashy?

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  3. very sweet! how are you doing Sunitha? Good luck with everything.