Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my mom on Mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day to the fantastic lady who is my mom! This post in dedicated to her :-)
Obviously this is not the only day I am thankful to God for giving me such awesome parents….but lets make today special by writing a little more about my amma. Post dedicated to my dad coming up soon on Father’s day! ;-)
What has she not done for me? Nothing…..what I am today is totally her making. Such an awesome mixture of beauty, brains and courage, she made the perfect role model; could not have asked for more! She made me work very hard….tough task master that she was (you can never be working up to your full potential!); she had rigid rules when I was younger about cleanliness (shower just 2-3 times a day? Why so lazy?!!!), sleep timings (the lesser, the better!), friends (talk to them in school….no wasting time again at home in the evenings, talking over phone!), vocabulary (the words, ‘no’, ‘can’t do’, ‘can’t find’, ‘don’t know’ etc did not exist in her dictionary!), etc etc…..
She also taught me the joys of charity and well-being, by being the most generous person I have seen! For example, she did not give leftovers to the maid we had then (single mom supporting three daughters), but actually made fresh food for her one day simply because she thought she looked tired that day! Now that she knows I am blogging, she has given me a list of topics to blog about, that would put Mother Teresa to shame ;-) “Blog about poverty, talk about various important diseases that need more funding, or can help poorer people” etc. I may not have responded too enthusiastically ma, but I am so proud of you for reminding me of such topics……that’s what makes you, you! I most definitely will too, coz I am her daughter and it is in the genes, right? ;-) If I do forget some values at any point in life, I am sure she will also remind me of the lost ones and give me one good talk that will make me wish the earth will open up and swallow me ;-)
At times of need, she proved to be the most courageous person in the family and was, is and will always be the most optimistic person I know! She never gives up when the rest of the world does…..I like to think I inherited little bit of that, but I do know I have a thread of pessimism in me many a times, that I inherited from appa’s practical approach to things. But I do like the balance that brings ;-)
She has also been my best friend throughout life and there is not much she does not know. I also firmly believe that if I can’t tell my mother about something I am doing, then it is wrong and I shouldn’t be doing it in the first place! Have also learnt this the hard way ;-) But who is always there behind me after I make those mistakes and am recovering? It’s always her and I am so glad for the total, unconditional support in life!
To end this senti post I thought I will write 10 things (facts, quirks, and nerdy things) about my mom (I may be killed for this)!
1) Floors at home have to be cleaned at least twice a day, with her best old friend, the bleaching powder!!!
2) She used to hate having pets at home, but now Dippy and Dashy are her children; more so than my cute brother and me! :-(
3) She actually does not mind food in planes!!!
4) She loves to gossip and makes sure she is aware of her neighbors’ activities, although she will swear otherwise ;-)
5) She is so young at heart, knowing all about the latest actors, singers, etc. and she is a fan of many as much as I am, or even my younger cousins in college and school are!
6) She is a great business woman too, even more than I suspect she thinks :-)
7) When I got bday cards from secret admirers way back in school, she actually decoded and gave me the name of the card sender!!!
8) She knows all about my secrets and crushes, even the ones I did not tell her; the shrewdest person I know in the world!!!
9) Jealousy is not in her nature at all
10) She wishes she had achieved so much more in life, without knowing how much she has influenced the world around her by being herself and her achievements are priceless!
Love you ma…..if I am even 50 % of the mother you are, I would be a fantastic mom too :-)
Keep rocking this world!
P.S – Happy Mother’s day to all other moms reading this post too :-) I am sure you are all rocking your kid’s world too!


  1. Uff! amazing post. I dread raising a child like me, I rather have a child like my mom ;)

  2. Thank you, Random blogger ;)

  3. jayanthi shyam10 May, 2009

    Truly the best gift for the mothers day any body can have ,moved with tears seeing the blog, for my daughter has expressed so much about me as i doubt my worthiness for this beautifull sharing of the feeling of my daughter.Thank you da for this wonderfull gift for the mothers day ,what more one can ask for,only to thank God for giving me this wonderfull daughter and Son

  4. Awww! Thats so sweet of you! Jay should be proud.:)

  5. Very cute post Suni. I'm sure both you and your Mom must be proud of each other :-)