Monday, January 31, 2011

Doha driving

Note to Doha drivers:
1) No, I do not think it is ok for you to climb the pavement and try to get ahead of me on the freeway
2) No, I do no like you tailing me when I am already going at 100 km, the highest speed limit by law here. If you insist on tailing I will not give you way; if you don't tail me I will move and give way for you to speed by
3) No, I do not get intimidated by your huge monsterous vehicles
4) No, I do not get intimidated by your super luxury cars and trucks either
5) No, I do not think you will be caught speeding on camera if you are doing 80 km/hr on a 100km/hr speed limit road; please do not slow down even further at the sight of a speed camera, but use your common sense
6) No, I do not find you attractive even if you show off your super cool shades, cigarettes, car accessories, personal accessories etc., I am very happily married
7) No, I do not find it heart warming to see that you have a child in the car, especially when the child is almost falling out of the window or sun-roof. I wish you would tie them down to the seat as they are supposed to be
8) No, I do not think it makes you very smart if you decide to stop a mile before another stopped car and cruise the rest of the distance. I think it is idiotic and I don't want to cruise behind you
9) No, I do not get upset because you reprimanded me by show of your hand for honking at you. I usually have a very good reason for honking and it means YOU did something wrong
10) No, I do not think you have the right of way just because you are wearing a traditional Qatari/Arab robe. Traffic rules are the same for all to follow.

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