Thursday, January 6, 2011


I wanted to teach you so much.
I also wanted to learn so much from you.
I wanted to mould you into a great human being, a great lady, a lovely person.
I also wanted to be your friend, enemy and soul mate.
I wanted to be very strict with you in terms of disciplining you.
I also wanted to spoil you rotten with my love.
I wanted to never say ‘you can’t do it’.
I also wanted to shield you from all the disappointment that your actions might bring you.
I wanted you to learn to live a simple life within meager means.
I also wanted to provide the world to you.
I wanted you to have numerous friends with whom you have plenty of fun.
I also wanted you to myself for a while everyday.
I wanted you to love animals, and do everything in your power to help them throughout your life.
I also wanted to protect you from the pain the world of people will give you with their careless attitude towards other living creatures.
There are a million other things I wanted to give you.
Maybe God was confused with my conflicting dreams, because he never gave me the chance to have you!

Dedicated to Tejaswee mentioned in my previous post. Registered & Protected