Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What is a good age to think about your unborn children? I guess we all start thinking somewhere in our teens. When I say 'we' I mean girls...the mind of men is something of a mystery to me yet! When you expect men to be mature they behave like 8 year olds and when you expect them to take it easy they are grandfatherly. It is always the extreme with no inbetween! Sigh!

Anyways, coming back to topic, I read a blog today of a girl, who has sadly passed on at about 18 years of age. She had a blog in which a year before she died, she has written a letter to her daughter. It was indeed very sad to read the dreams and ambitions of the girl who never became that mother. How many people die early with so many dreams and how many live on with no dreams!! Indeed the perfect example of irony.

This new year, my one goal is to become the original me, with a very active lifestyle, no laziness and aim to accomplish many goals, while wasting much less time. So far it has been great & motivating :) Registered & Protected


  1. She would have been 20 on this 19th January Sunitha. We hear so much about living each day of our lives like it was the last day of our lives, but we never take it so seriously. I am glad she blogged and now lives through her blog.

    In another post (On growing old and dying young) - she said she wanted to live a very long life - "I wouldn't mind being immortal either ;) " How ironical is that!

  2. We will remember her on the 19th and keep you all in our prayers IHM. It is indeed a beautiful blog that she had and amazing that she can still touch people through it. She is thus immortal :)