Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our dearest Dippy

This weekend we lost our oldest and dearest pet Dippy. He was 11 years old and was one of the most loving, caring & gentle creatures anyone can find. I can’t believe that he is gone. I can’t come to terms with not having seen him one last time, not being there when he needed me, not being able to kiss him goodbye, not having been able to give him a personal sendoff, although my dear parents gave him everything. He was my life as long as I was in India; I named him “Dipstick” (because his tail looked like one) which became Dippy, Dipsy etc., ; I walked him every morning, bathed him, played with him and thought of him during the day in college many times. All my friends knew him at least from my stories and I know will mourn with me today for the loss. Many of the other friends I made were because of him, during our many morning walks in the beach. He kept me active, inspired and he was the first pet who managed to come home and stayed for the next 11 years! How many memories, our sweet Dippy has given us! For all of those our family is eternally grateful to him. Today he lays buried respectfully in our farmland and my mother firmly believes he will protect us still there.

My darling Dippy, I still can’t believe that you won’t come bouncing with joy next time I come home; that I won’t be able to stroke your soft beautiful hair……rest in peace my love. You were, are and will always be much loved and your memories cherished. You made our lives complete. Love you always. Registered & Protected


  1. Very sorry to hear the news about Dippy. Surprising how integral a part they become of us! Well, at least he led a very loved life. Hope Dashy is coping well. Take care.

  2. Thank you Parminder, how sweet of you to remember Dashy :) Yeah he is taking it is very hard to deal with for all of us :(

  3. Hi dear,AS I Read your tribute to our pet Dippy tears rolle my eyes and very happy for you that you have spoken your heart which Dippy will acknowledge.Also it is a wonder that you spoke to him through phone with all the pet words with which you call him,in spite of his terrible pain he was fully contented to have heard his pet voice,looked at me while hearing you, after drank some water cried for a while ,half unconcious and thus breathed his last with all of us amidst,sure he will bless you in all your endeavours.Love Amma